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 Procurement Program/ProjectABCPublishedClosingStatus
Procurement for the Replacement of Old and Defective Vertical Blinds to New Rolled-Up Block Blinds687,500.0004/18/201904/23/2019Active
Minutes of the Pre-bid Conference - (DOE Fixed Wireless Internet Connection and One (1) Lot EDCP Equipment )11,521,000.0004/17/201904/22/2019Active
Procurement of CY2019 Services for DOE Chorale Musical Director499,300.0004/16/201904/22/2019Active
Bid Bulletin No. 1 (DOE Fixed Wireless Internet Connection and One (1) Lot EDCP Equipment)11,521,000.0004/15/201904/22/2019Active
Invitation to bid for DOE Fixed Wireless Internet Connection2,521,000.0004/03/201904/22/2019Active
Procurement of Electrical Materials379,400.0004/02/201904/05/2019Closed
Procurement of Services for Calibration of GRFTL Laboratory Equipment and Glassware260,500.0003/14/201903/18/2019Closed
Procurement of Services for Calibration of Geo-Coal Section GRFTL Laboratory Equipment and Glassware205,000.0003/14/201903/18/2019Closed
Notice of Reschedule of Pre-bid Conference and Postponement of the Deadline and Opening of Bids (Invitation to Bid for the Procurement of Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of One (1) Lot EDCP Equipment)9,000,000.0003/13/201904/22/2019Active
Bid Bulletin No. 3 (One (1) unit X-ray Diffractometer, and One (1) set High Precision Rock Cutter)9,500,000.0003/13/201903/20/2019Closed
Procurement of Catering Services for the Conduct of IEC on Power Sector in Capiz State University170,000.0003/09/201903/12/2019Closed
Bid Bulletin No. 2 (One (1) unit X-ray Diffractometer, One (1) set of Sample Preparation Equipment, One (1) unit Vapor Pressure Analyzer, One (1) unit Densitometer and One (1) set High Precision Rock Cutter)19,050,000.0003/06/201903/20/2019Closed