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 Procurement Program/ProjectABCPublishedClosingStatus
Procurement of Repair Services for 3 Units of Air-conditioning Units120,000.0003/24/201703/28/2017Active
Procurement of Tax Collection Monitoring Software (Automation of DOE Tax Monitoring System)750,000.0003/21/201703/27/2017Active
Procurement of Payment Processing Software750,000.0003/21/201703/27/2017Active
Procurement of Procurement Monitoring Software750,000.0003/21/201703/27/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for DOE Newspaper Subscription932,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for International Online Subscription40,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for CY2017 Photocopying Service4,000,000.0003/15/201704/06/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for ICT Equipment (Laptop and Accessories, Tablet, Digital Screen Display Smart TV)210,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Office Equipment (Steel Lateral Filing Cabinet, Portable Document Camera, Rechargeable Portable Public Address System, Fast Scanner, Pocket Projector, Electric Binding Machine, Intellifax - printer/copier (phone), Heavy-duty Shredder, Laser Jet Sheet Stapler)415,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Technical and Scientific Equipment (Electrothermal Heating Mantle)150,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for PRINTING SERVICES (Printing of NIHE Identification Sticker/ Marker)2,000,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for PRINTING SERVICES (Concept / Lay- out Design and Printing of Generation Portfolio Report)1,000,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for ICT Equipment (End-point Units and Support Services for the DOE Videoconferencing Facility)1,600,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for ICT Equipment (Laptop Computer for GPS)480,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Office Equipment (Document Scanner, Document Reader, Binding Machine)160,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Technical and Scientific Equipment (Complete Solar PV System Tester Kits and other Tools)255,000.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Supplies (Common Office Supplies)882,467.0403/15/201704/05/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Supplies (Common ICT Supplies)1,708,062.0003/15/201704/05/2017Active