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 Procurement Program/ProjectABCPublishedClosingStatus
Procurement of Promotional Items related to various activities of NEPIO755,000.0010/16/201810/19/2018Active
Procurement of Office and ICT Supplies54,000.0010/16/201810/19/2018Active
Bid Bulletin No. 2 - 6th Public Bidding CY 2018 (Rebidding -Pick-Up Motor Vehicle)4,290,000.0010/11/201810/18/2018Active
Bid Bulletin No. 1 - 6th Public Bidding CY 2018 (Rebidding -Pick-Up Motor Vehicle, Passenger Service Vehicle, 1st Bidding - Gas Chromatograph)20,940,000.0010/11/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to bid for CY2019 Shuttle Services14,960,000.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Invitation to bid for CY2019 Electrical Maintenance Services3,684,000.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Invitation to bid for CY2019 Photocopying Services4,631,600.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Invitation to bid for CY2019 Specialty Trade Services3,635,000.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Invitation to bid for CY2019 Preventive Maintenance Services on Air-conditioning System1,724,000.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Invitation to Bid for CY2019 Janitorial Services20,410,000.0010/10/201810/30/2018Active
Minutes of the Pre-bid Conference - (Rebid - MFO Technical and Scientific Equipment, VFO Technical and Scientific Equipment, Pick-Up Motor Vehicle, Passenger Service Vehicle, CY2018 Shuttle Services, CY2018 Computer Maintenance Services, 1st Bidding - Gas Chromatograph)28,115,000.0010/08/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for CY2018 Shuttle Services3,475,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for CY2018 Computer Maintenance Service2,500,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for MFO Technical and Scientific Equipment651,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Bid for Gas Chromatograph15,000,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for VFO Technical and Scientific Equipment549,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for Pick-Up Motor Vehicle4,290,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active
Invitation to Rebid for Passenger Service Vehicle1,650,000.0009/27/201810/18/2018Active