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 Procurement Program/ProjectABCPublishedClosingStatus
Invitation to rebid for Various ICT Equipment630,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Desktop Computer with Accessories, Notebook Computer with Accessories484,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Lateral Filing Cabinet36,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Laboratory Refrigerator500,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Sound Detection and Ranging (SODAR) with WindPro 3.07,725,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for Multi-Disciplinary Geophysical Data Processing Software3,750,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to rebid for All-Terrain 4x2 Vehicle1,900,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Various ICT / Office Supplies175,558.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Various ICT Equipment490,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Various Office Equipment442,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Portable Vapor Pressure Analyzer16,000,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Portable Fuel Analyzer52,800,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Motor Vehicle (Pick - Up)1,430,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Promotional / Collateral Materials (Hand Towels, T - Shirt with Collar, T - shirt without collar, Tote Bags, Customized Umbrella, USB with Lanyard, Caps, Survival Flashlight with Whistle)1,690,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid Motor Vehicle with Canopy and Utility Box9,070,000.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active
Invitation to bid for Supplies ( Safety Field Shoes, Luggage Bag, Field / Working Pants, Polo Jack, Safety Goggles, Head Wear, Field Utility Backpack, Powerbank, Long Sleeves)617,500.0008/05/201709/01/2017Active